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Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery ServicesYou turn on your computer in the morning, and hear a distinct and very loud clicking noise. Or maybe it makes a loud whirr, then goes silent, and you get a Windows blue screen. Or your laptop simply falls out of your bag and takes a nosedive into the sidewalk. That’s when you know you’re going to need hard drive data recovery services.

Hard drive data recovery services specialize in getting your valuable information back from the dead. When it seems that all is lost, when your computer tech tells you there’s nothing that can be done, hard drive data recovery services can help. They’re the last line of defense, when it looks like there’s nothing to be done.

It’s more than just hardware you’re carrying around

Most people view their computer as that: a computer. A bunch of parts that you paid a good amount for, and that make your life easier. But your computer is much more than that. The hardware you’re looking at every day is actually the least valuable part!

Why? Because hardware can be replaced. Manufacturers make tens of thousands of computers, all identical, every single day. Hardware factories turn out hundreds of thousands of identical motherboards, hard drives, screens, keyboards, you name it. And yesterday’s model is quickly replaced today by something newer, faster and better.

Spilled something on your keyboard? Go down to the corner store, get another. Screen blanked out? There’s another one waiting at your nearest computer store. Motherboard burned up? Your IT guy probably has 5 of them in the drawer. Hardware is no real problem to repair or replace these days.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

What’s the only part of your computer that’s truly unique? The part that no manufacturer makes, the part that can’t be replaced with something from the store, the part that can’t even be made to order?

That’s right, the data. That stuff that you create, that you put together, stayed up for, and crafted over days, months and years. The information you put on your hard drive is your creation, and there’s only one available. And it’s unique… no factory anywhere can turn out a copy of what you have made.

The biggest hit that you take when computer hardware is lost isn’t the trip to the computer store. The biggest hit you take is all that data that you spent thousands of hours working on, that you’re not going to get back.

Hard Drive Data Recovery services: protecting your valuable information

Hard drive data recovery services are a valuable insurance policy you can leverage to protect yourself against data loss.

These days there’s a lot of things that can be done to protect your data. You have USB drives, you have cloud backup, you have diagnosis, maintenance and antivirus software. But sometimes, something slips through the cracks. Early warning systems don’t catch every little defect in your drive. Cloud backup sometimes goes offline. USB drives are prone to unannounced failures.

And when that happens, and you’re left holding a piece of dead hardware with your most needed data on it, that’s when you should call hard drive data recovery services.

Hard drive data recovery services use specialized software and hardware, inside custom built laboratories made for data recovery. With unique diagnostic machinery, they can inspect your malfunctioning devices and figure out exactly what went wrong. And once they find the problem, these highly skilled technicians can restore your device to a basic working condition, under which your data can be recovered and saved to a new, fully working, device.

Many recovery services even offer clean rooms: specially built laboratories that are completely free of dust and damaging particles. Inside these clean rooms, hard disks can be taken apart, and the pieces that hold your data can be removed from a broken unit and placed into a fully functional one for recovery.

Once the data is inside a functional recovery unit, it’s transferred on to a new, secure, device. And that device is shipped to you, ready to be used.

Hard drive data recovery services, way more than your neighborhood computer store

Your neighborhood computer store can probably diagnose a hardware problem and change some parts to make your device work again. But they have their limits. When a hard disk goes bad, when a USB drive flips out, or when something is badly damaged, the most they’ll probably tell you is that nothing can be done. They don’t have the tools, clean rooms, or knowledge to get your data back.

Most people think that’s the end, and assume their data is lost. But that’s not always true: your data can be alive and well, there’s just nothing the computer store can do to get it off the device!

But specialized hard drive data recovery services can do far more than a regular computer store can, and get your data back into your hands once more.

recovery companies

All it takes is a call, an email, or a quick online chat to start the recovery process. These services are usually quick to respond and user friendly: they’ll pick up your damaged hardware, recover the data, and have it back to you within a week or so. And if data security is a concern, no problem: they offer complete destruction of your damaged devices, so that the only copy of sensitive data that remains, is the one you’re holding in your hands.

Your computer can be replaced. Your data is irreplaceable. Fortunately, now you know the secret of hard drive data recovery services, one more option that you have if you should ever find yourself in need of specialized data recovery.

Why Not Try Another Company First?

  • We often get cases from other recovery companies after they failed to recover the data. (In many cases, we get the data, but the chance of a successful recovery decreases significantly after the first attempt.)
  • Other companies put a time limit on your case of only a few hours; they do not invest more than the allocated amount of time before they call it unsuccessful.
  • In many cases time is critical. Valuable time is wasted when a less professional company attempts a recovery.
  • The first attempt at a recovery has the highest chance of being successful.

Bit back is one of the simplest, safest and fastest portable file recovery tool on the market today!

If you’ve accidentally deleted your pictures, video clips, documents or any other file on your computer, Bit Back will get them BACK for you. Bit Back will find the files you’ve deleted, undelete them and put them where ever you want them. It only takes a couple of clicks and THREE easy steps!

Bit Back Can
• Get your files back within three easy steps.
• Run from a removable device – no installation needed!
• Work on: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
• Work with unlimited file sizes.
• Work with absolutely all file types.
• Handle all the technical stuff – You don’t have to be a computer expert to get your files back.
• Run absolutely safely. Safety was one of the main concerns while making this software.
• Windows mangles filenames when it deletes them, Bit Back will get the original file names as well.
• Automatically recognizes Hard Disk Drives or Removable Storage devices that it can use and only allow work with them.
• Run Multithreaded – Bit Back will utilize your CPU in the most optimum way
Simplicity was one of the main concerns while making this software

It takes only couple of clicks and THREE EASY STEPS!

Choose the source drive.
So – some files got deleted – Select the Hard Disk Drive or a Removable Storage Device where the files were located before they got deleted. If they were on the Desktop – just choose the Desktop icon. Simply select and click “Next”.

Choose the destination.
Once Bit Back gets the files back – where should it put them? If you have a special place in mind, put it there, if not – just click “Next”. Bit Back will select a most convenient location for you.

BitBack Download

Select the files.
Bit Back shows you a list of all files that were deleted from the Hard Disk Drive or a Removable Storage Device you told it to look on. Just pick the files you want to get back and click “Next”

How does it work?

When a file is deleted, it is not completely deleted from the Hard drive. Windows only marks the place where the file used to be as “free to write” and uses the space later, when it needs it. Until you write something into that place it is possible for Bit Back to get the files back for you.Bit Back Recover Data